Babolat Sensa Women Black/ Tanager Tourquoise Shoes

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DESCRIPTION You have to hit a ball that leaves the field or defend at a difficult angle... Sensa responds to this fundamental need for safety, in all circumstances. It has several reinforcements for increased durability. Its double integrated side strips offer unrivaled stability. The knitted mesh in front of the foot is the best answer to the need for comfort. 100% paddle, it's also 100% female. Without compromising on aesthetics. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS SUPPORT Because you want to feel safe, both defensively and offensively during long paddle rallies, we've equipped Sensa with Power Straps that give you the extra support you need to feel stable whatever the support. Without compromising on aesthetics, elegant and very feminine. COMFORT AND BUFFERING As game and movement observation is a permanent concern of development teams, the KPRS-X system is designed to protect the heels from the shocks they are subjected to during games and training. Its EVA foam lining was placed and sized to provide effective protection in all attacks where you use your heel. DURABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Combining Babolat's skills and Michelin's knowledge, we developed the first sole dedicated to padel practice: great flexibility, thanks to the two grooves on the front of the foot, maximum dynamism provided by a new crampon sculpture, perfectly adapted to the sand and synthetic grass and, in the most exposed area, the accentuated sole thickness guarantees a longer service life.