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We say hello! and Welcome! to all Padel practitioners

The mission of Hello! Padel is not only to make Padel known to the widest possible universe of people, but also to provide all Padel fans who want to be our customers, the best browsing experience and purchase of Padel related products.

We always want to be at the forefront, offering the widest number of the best brands on the market, with the best products that satisfy all the needs of our customers.

We are proudly a Portuguese company, but open to the world as it is also part of our nature as Portuguese.

We intend to give the best service to our customers, namely giving the greatest relevance to the presentation of our products, the detail and clarity of information, the answer to our customers' questions and above all to the after-sales service.

We place great importance on the trust our customers place in us and strictly respect the terms and conditions of our customer service and support policy.

We hope that with Hello! Padel you can change your game, change your style, change your tempo and perfect all the details of your Padel, now and always.


Thank you

The Hello! Paddle