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Lx Planet Gladius Aramid Racket

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Racket of the “GLADIUS” line, brand LX PLANET, in its ARAMID version. Composed of a 100% aramid carbon structure (bi-directional carbon network). It has a core composed of high-density white EVA gum. It has a unique shape of the brand, the LX1AVS, which resembles an oversize diamond mold mixed with round. It has a rough surface with a matte finish. GENERAL LINES: At play is a racket with a touch of medium-soft hardness, comfortable and dry. It presents a very wide sweet spot for an aggressive format, due to the format different from the usual I believe. In terms of power it's pretty good. It has a medium-short output. ON THE NETWORK: In the net, trays and volleys come out with great fluidity and controlled depth. It has a very pleasant handling for its aggressive format. No smash will have power problems. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COURT: The court background control is impressive for a racket of this format. The above-average sweet spot and comfort on the shot provide very good sensations at this stage of the game. The exit tends to be short, so it requires a well-finished shot to reach the desired depth. Lobs come out easily, however the depth will depend on you.