Dropshot Versus 1.0 Padel Racket

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Racket of the “VERSUS” line, from the DROP SHOT brand. Composed of a double tubular carbon structure, an innegra fiber face (propylene fibers) and a particle foam in the impact zone, ENERGY PRO and a high density EVA SOFT gum core. It has a teardrop shape. It has a smooth surface with a matte finish. GENERAL LINES: In play is a racket with a touch of soft hardness tending to medium, which turned out to be very comfortable. Features an OK sweet spot, but not spectacular for teardrop rackets. In terms of power it's not its strong point but it doesn't disappoint, especially when hitting the sweet spot that contains the ENERGY PRO zone. It has an average output. ON THE NETWORK: In the net, trays and volleys come out with excellent placement and depth. It has reasonable handling and a very good feeling of lightness for this type of racket, so it allows a good quick reaction in the tightest volley. In the smash, it is more suitable for lifted shots and not slash shots, due to some lack of power. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COURT: The background control of the court is quite good. The sweet spot is slightly upwards, but once you get used to it the very comfortable and precise play of the racket will help you a lot. The average output and reasonable handling also play in this point. Lobs usually come out deep without any major problem.