Ironman Flexalign Support Sizes

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Developed to maintain comfort in even the most active feet, the Ironman Flexalign Sport Support Insoles are constructed with advanced technology materials and designs. They focus on cushioning the impact in the heel and converting it back into energy in your stride, while also honing your posture and gait to avoid injury and improve your form. Pwr-Gel Base - provides excellent cushioning for the heel that does not shrink over time 360 Heel Base - ensures the entire heel is cushioned and supported on impact, and protects the plantar fascia Pwr-Bridge - offers a series of support structures to properly align the heel and midfoot, improving gait and posture of the entire foot. Flexalign Construction - Offers simultaneous shock absorption and energy return, enabling lightweight performance Who can benefit from using these insoles? These insoles are ideal for anyone who suffers from heel pain or plantar fasciitis. They are also suitable for connecting foot inversion or eversion as they help to protect the foot posture during movement. Although designed primarily for use while playing sports, these comfortable ​​lightweight insoles are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle. What parts of the foot do these insoles support? These insoles help support the full length of the foot, but pay special attention to the heel. They support and cushion the area where the plantar fascia meets the heel to reduce tension along and around that bone. At the same time, pressure is removed from the lateral and medial arches through effective control of foot position and gait. How does Pwr-Gel work? Spenco's Pwr-Gel material has been specially formulated to maximize user cushioning. It has less than 11% compression, which means it rises again even after prolonged wear to provide exceptional impact strength that stands the test of time. At the same time, it's robust and durable, and able to resist tearing or degradation mile after mile. How does the 360 ​​heel cup work? The 360 ​​Heel Cup is designed to support the entire heel and beyond. Provides protection in the center and sides to keep the heel aligned and prevent any type of eversion or inversion, in addition to cushioning the onset of the plantar fascia to prevent the development or exacerbation of plantar fasciitis. How does Pwr-Bridge work? By making use of a series of heel and midfoot support structures, Pwr-Bridge technology aligns the heel and stabilizes the foot. This allows support to be performed along the foot and through the medial and lateral arch, using biomechanical correction of the foot posture, throughout the gait cycle. Its durable material absorbs impact and cushions the heel, while turning that impact into energy to maximize your performance. What activities are these insoles suitable for? These insoles were developed specifically for those training for the Ironman Intensive Triathlon, but are ideal for anyone subjected to repetitive impacts. Designed specifically for sports of all types, these lightweight insoles are also ideal for use by casual trainers during recovery or to prevent injury.