Padel Racket Wilson Bela Team BKRD 2

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The most playable racket in the new Wilson collection powered by Fernando Belasteguin. Bela Team aims to update their game and make it look special. Key features include a fiberglass material that produces extra stability, an arrow-patterned surface texture for increased spin, and an elegant design highlighted by infrared accents and the ace Bela's signature. An inspiring story of overcoming injuries and all odds of becoming one of the greatest players of all time, Bela seeks to inspire the unexplored legend within each of us. Includes a unique wrist strap with the phrase "Un Belasteguin never laughs" in her daughter's Spanish handwriting, a source of inspiration for Bela as she tackles the most challenging obstacles on and off the court. Fiberglass face for an excellent combination of stability and response; Low-density Core EVA Foam gum for stable performance while maintaining a smooth, comfortable feel; Arrow-Grip texture features an arrowhead pattern on the surface for a great feel and an extra degree of rotation; The Sublime handle features a blend of optimal softness, fit and convenience with additional moisture absorption through micro-holes in the surface; Cordão Bela provides extra control and safety measures; Note: This racket is sold without a cover**