Padel Racket Wilson Bela Elite Padel 2

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Strategically built with carbon fiber but with a softer gum, the Bela Elite provides output and lightness with every stroke. It combines a sleek design complete with ace Fernando Belasteguin's signature, textured surface with an arrowhead pattern, and it's no wonder this racket lives up to its name. An inspiring story of overcoming injuries and all odds of becoming one of the greatest players of all time, Bela seeks to inspire the unexplored legend within every player. The racket includes a wrist rope inscribed "Un Belasteguin never laughs" in her daughter's Spanish calligraphy, a source of inspiration for Bela! - Co-designed and inspired by the padel legend Fernando Belasteguin; - Features a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that gives players the ability to hit with maximum power; - Soft EVA gum provides a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating a desirable combination of comfort and lightness; - Arrow-Grip texture features an arrowhead pattern on the surface for a great feel and an extra degree of rotation; - Sublime Grip encompasses the ideal blend of softness, grip and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface; - Bela strap attached to the strap provides extra control and safety measures; Note: This racket is sold without a cover**