Varlion LW Carbon Diffuser Series 2.0 Padel Racket

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Manufactured using a bidirectional carbon tubular and a medium hardness 38MM EVA Hypersoft core, laminated by layers of plain carbon fiber fabric and fiberglass fabric. The heart is reinforced with smooth carbon fiber fabric and impregnated with Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin for maximum elasticity and strength, covered with a layer of titanium dioxide. TECHNOLOGIES - HEXAGONAL FRAME: Hexagonal frame whose shape gives greater rigidity and resistance to the blade, as it creates a rib with a straight part in the frame (edge) and a bevelled part (chamfer). HEXATEX TECHNOLOGY Rough texture with hexagonal shape in the plane, which enhances the effect the ball has when it comes in contact with this surface in topspin or cut. br /> DIFFUSER: Technology developed with the objective of directing the air flow in the only “treatable” area of ​​the blade through which the air passes, its heart. The advantages of this technology are: • Increased player speed in both quick hits and crushing. • Greater regularity of the blow by making the trajectory more constant, thanks to the null influence of the turbulence that conventional blades normally have in the heart region. • Greater number of blows with more control, thanks also to the reduction of said turbulence. Its design is inspired by the diffuser that the Brawn GP Formula 1 team first included on the rear and underside of the car.- 7 RHOMBUS CARBON FABRIC: 12K carbon fiber fabric in rhomboid shape, to give greater flexibility to the car. core. - HEXAGON PROTECTOR: New adhesive protector developed exclusively for models with Hexagon frame. In the previous version, this protector weighed 21g, however, thanks to the new design, its weight was reduced by half, now weighing just 10g. It was designed and produced using a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb shocks and scratches. It is fixed to the frame of the blade with an adhesive material without the need to perforate the frame and thus avoiding having to weaken it for fixation. With this, possible vibrations of the protector are eliminated and a total twinning between the blade structure and the lower surface of the protector is obtained. - ADAPTED AND GRADUAL HOLES: Gradual hole technology adapted to the shape of the blade. It consists of using 3 different hole sizes, making them smaller in the central area (10 mm in diameter), medium in the intermediate area until we are closer to the frame (11.5 mm) and large in the perimeter area or closer to the frame (13mm). With this perforation we are able to compensate for the excessive flexibility of the center of the blade with the low flexibility of the core area that joins the frame, thus allowing for greater homogeneity to impacts and increasing core strength. This drilling technology has also been used with 2 diameters (13mm in the perimeter area and 11.5mm in the central area) in blade ranges not used by professional players as they become softer due to the hole in the central area is 11.5mm in instead of 10 mm. HYPERSOFT: Soft foam core with spectacular hardness and rebound measures, which gives the blades very balanced power and control for use at low temperatures or up to 25°C.