Starvie Triton 2020 Padel Racket

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New StarVie paddle paddle for the 2020 collection. The Triton paddle features a new mold with the balance towards the blade head, providing extra energy on offensive blows. The blade has a 100% carbon composition, both in the plane and in the profile, to provide a very high performance in the game, as well as greater durability and elasticity. CHARACTERISTICS - New 1 cm longer grip to make two-handed grip more comfortable. - Incorporates Star Balance, a new asymmetrical piece in the heart of the blade that provides perfect balance and weight balance. - It has a new coarse shot design (Full Flat Effect) that makes it easy to squeeze the ball to achieve the desired effects. StarVie is the only one that works this roughness directly from the mold. - It has a teardrop shape that places the ideal point of the visor on top of the plane. - The density of its soft rubber helps you get the ball faster and strikes a balance between power and control. - Product manufactured 100% in Spain, Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara). Note: This racket is sold without a cover**