Starvie Basalt Padel Racket 2019

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The STAR VIE BASALTO 2019 is a paddle tennis racket that has been part of the Star Vie company collections for several years. This model corrects your mistakes year after year to give you a good quality performance thanks to its excellent features. Manufacturing materials. STAR VIE BASALTO 2019 incorporates very innovative materials and technologies that offer us the ideal playing comfort. Its faces and frame are entirely made of carbon fiber, which in the case of the faces gives us a great ball feeling. On the other hand, its frames are quite rigid, which gives greater stability to the structure. The core is made of Eva rubber, a material that gives the ball an incredible feel and allows for a highly balanced game. Recommended Level The STAR VIE BASALTO 2019 is designed for advanced or professional players. This model gives ideal stability to our game, helping us to progress step by step. This paddle tennis racket adapts very well to any situation in the game, providing us with a game of great precision. You can also finish stitches very comfortably. Note: This racket is sold without a cover**