2019 Aluminum Star Vie Padel Racket

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2019 Aluminum Star Vie Padel Racket GENERAL LINES: In play it is a racket with a medium touch, tending towards the hard. The sweet spot is huge on this racket, making it hard to find a dead spot to hit the ball. When it comes to potency, you will notice a lot of lack. It's not a racket built at all with a focus on the aggressive side of the game. It has a high output. Touch is hard. Given the carbon and aluminum covers, it's not surprising that this is so. ON THE NETWORK: In the net, trays and volleys come out very easily, given their handling. Pay attention to the high outlet, so as not to hit the glass. The rough face helps with the intended effects. Handling is fantastic and allows you to react very quickly, and the fantastic sweet spot helps too. In the smash, you won't feel that extra help when it's time to bring the ball back or serve for 3. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COURT: The bottom control of the court is very good, and it is at this stage of the game that you will undoubtedly feel more comfortable with this racket. The output is high and this helps to return the balls that are more complicated, however, in the lobs you have to weigh the strength well in order not to come out too long. The sweet spot and exceptional handling make defensive play much easier.