Nox ML10 Luxury Padel Racket Nearby

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The ML10 LUXURY NEAR is a racket with a round shape, balance and extraordinary maneuverability specially designed together with the iconic Miguel Lamperti and for players looking for maximum precision and control in their game. The combination of 12K carbon fiber on its faces with HR3 gum from the legendary Pro Cup makes the ML10 LUXURY NEARBY a comfortable racket with an excellent touch that surprises from the first moment. Additionally, it incorporates the AVS side anti-vibration system and rough-finished faces to facilitate effective hitting. All this in a spectacularly designed racket that combines exposed carbon, with the NOX logo in fluor yellow and silver sparkles. Includes a protector to protect the racket from shocks in the frame. CHARACTERISTICS round shape Weight 360-375 grams HR3 Core Core 100% carbon milestone 12K Carbon Face Control 10/10 Power 9/10