Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia Padel Racket

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The ML10 LUXURY BAHÍA was born as a tribute to the city that saw the birth of one of its most illustrious athletes, Miguel Lamperti, also known as the "Rifle da Bahía Blanca". It is a multipurpose racket, with a teardrop shape and built with the best materials. With the ML10 LUXURY BAHÍA players will find a partner who contributes to the defense and construction of the point but at the same time shows all his genius in the attacking game, imparting speed in volleys and quick shots. Additionally, it incorporates the AVS side anti-vibration system and rough-finished faces to facilitate effective hitting. All this in a racket with a spectacular design that combines exposed carbon, with silver and blue flashes. Includes racket head cover and cap. CHARACTERISTICS tear shape Weight 360-375 grams HR3 Core Core 100% carbon milestone 12K Carbon Face Control 9.5/10 Power 9.5/10