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Globo Padel Line Control Padel Racket

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Racket from the “LINE CONTROL” line, from the GLOBO PADEL brand, a Portuguese brand that is now launching itself in the world of padel. Composed entirely of carbon fiber in its structure and 3K carbon fiber in the face. It has a core of EVA UK 30 gum, a medium density gum. It has a round shape and a rough surface with a glossy finish. GENERAL LINES: At play is a racket with a touch of medium hardness. The sweet spot is quite wide. In terms of power, it is of course not its best attribute, which would be expected given the shape and balance. Handleability is excellent, allowing for a very quick reaction. It has a short output tending to medium, which means that it serves those players who like a less reactive racket and where it is the player to define practically completely the output of the ball depending on the applied force. ON THE NETWORK: In the net it is a very easy racket due to its wide sweet spot and excellent handling. The tray is easy to control, the excellent maneuverability helps to execute the blow correctly, however if you want more depth you will have to put the correct intensity in the blow. In the smash, it can be tricky to serve 3, 4 and bring the ball back to less experienced players, but players with good arms and technically evolved will succeed with relative success. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COURT: The bottom control of the court is very good as the sweet spot is really big and the handling is very good. It lacks a bit of output to be the perfect weapon, but it's important to bear in mind that there are players who prefer little or no output on a racket. Lobs and defensive shots, when reaching the sweet spot and with enough force, they come out with good depth, but being a racket with an exit tending to short, you have to be careful and put in the necessary force.