Dropshot Osaka Padel Racket 1.0

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The Drop Shot Osaka 1.0 2021 model arrives in a reverse drop format where we can find a medium balance that seeks to make the most of the different styles of existing games without forgetting the power. This paddle tennis racket was created with the best existing materials which, like last year's model, a tubular carbon model in the structure with an alloy surface between Carbon Extrem + LPC + 3D Face, which is what will generate the Power needed to achieve maximum game versatility. It also has the latest Eva Tech rubber technology in its core that will allow greater comfort in movements, finding the exact balance between attack and defense. Furthermore, technologies such as Cork Grip, Silicon Channel or Power Beam Heart were incorporated as in the previous year, which is what causes the absorption of vibrations caused by the impacts of the ball on the blade, this translates into greater control and stability in the blades. movements. Regarding the design, we can see that the Spanish padel firm was inspired by the model from the previous year, however, some aesthetic differences can be observed, such as the incorporation of white piano keys in the left ring and the replacement of the color green by orange intense, used to highlight the Drop Shot logo As for the rest of the elements, they are quite similar to the previous model, with a very discreet and dark plaid background. We can also observe the use of black in the frame. Advanced Professional Game Level tear shape Thickness 38 mm. Composition Carbon Xtrem and Eva Tech Weight 360 to 380 gr.