Dropshot Cooper Padel Racket

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Drop Shot Padel, as one of the most important companies in the professional circuit, has in its squad one of the best players in the world. This great player, Juan Martin Diaz, helps the brand improve its style and craftsmanship, producing high quality paddle tennis rackets year after year. This brand is technological sponsor of the World Padel Tour professional circuit, as it has at its disposal the best technologies of the moment for the manufacture of its paddle tennis rackets. DROP SHOT COOPER 2019 features a diamond shape that delivers incredible power in every shot. With that we were able to score points with perfection and elegance. The structure of this Drop Shot padel racket features a double carbon fiber tube. This provides great stability to the racket structure, thus achieving superb and accurate play. Its faces are endowed with a combination of two of the best technologies available to date, such as cubicarbon 3D and curv 360 technology. This excellent combination will incredibly increase our skills and accuracy to achieve the best performance. Its core, of course, features one of the most used rubbers, EVA Pro rubber. This material provides great playing comfort and increases the racket's maneuverability. RECOMMENDED LEVEL The DROP SHOT COOPER 2019 is a paddle tennis racket designed for advanced or professional players looking for maximum power in their punches. This racket is primarily designed for left-sided players whose main role is to finish off the points with powerful blows.