Drop Shot Heritage Padel Racket

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Racket Be One Range, recommended for players with experience and need for power. Diamond shaped, manufactured in a structure with double tubular face of carbon and cubicarbon, carbon XTrem and Curv plus 3D. High-density EVA Pro core cork in the handle, silicone channel in the clamping system and anti-vibration. TECHNOLOGY: Eva Pro: It is a gum whose main property is impact absorption, providing greater elasticity, high mechanical memory and greater control over blows. Extreme Technology: Extra thin and flat carbon of 24,000 carbon filaments per strand, strong and flexible. Ideal for maximum control. Rackets made with this material enjoy excellence in the game, giving the player an extreme touch of the ball. 3D texture: designed exclusively by Drop Shot to give the ball greater effect on hits where the ball must achieve maximum effect, specially designed for aggressive players in your game. Format: Diamond Face Material: Carbon XTrem + Curv + 3D Core Material: Eva Pro Weight: 360-380 grams Thickness: 38 mm Interval Game: Advanced