Drop Shot Conqueror 7.0 JMD Padel Racket

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Drop Shot Conqueror 7.0 JMD Padel Racket In this collection we find the JMD line where the Drop Shot JMD Conqueror 7.0 is found, a paddle used by Juan Martín Díaz, 5th in the ranking of the World Padel Tour and one of the greatest legends of the paddle sport. A product that arrives in teardrop shape and has medium balance and maximum control and elasticity thanks to its EVA rubber. As for its manufacture, it has the most extensive technologies with a cork and silicone handle. CURV 360 , a thermoplastic, thermoformed sheet that provides maximum strength and CUBICARBON by TEXTREME that provides greater flexibility and control. A paddle tennis racket designed for players looking for the ultimate in control and power, and with a very innovative look but also preserving the essence of the Conqueror range that sets them apart. Advanced Professional Game Level tear shape Thickness 38 mm. Carbon Composition Weight 360 to 380 gr.