Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel Racket

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DESCRIPTION We all want to score points… We are all STROKERS! It is one of the conclusions of our study that allowed us to identify different player profiles. Among them, the technical striker wants to direct the point and use his technique and strength to make a difference. To perfectly respond to this player's needs, we developed Technical Vertuo that provides easy power and precision in attacking punches. The more flexible version of this new generation racket will encourage you to hit hard and be a TECHNICAL STRIKER. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS EASY POWER The power of a racket depends on the player using it. This is reality, and that's why we've used soft materials in this racket so you can benefit from the elasticity of the racket's surface. You'll have effortless power that will help you express the best of your game. PRECISION The TECHNICAL STRIKER must be decisive in every attacking move. For this, precision is mandatory. Thanks to the pattern of its holes adapted to its diamond shape, this racket will make your moves as decisive as a surgical cut! COMFORT Playing comfort is a key advantage when choosing a racket. To make sure you can enjoy the game whenever you want, we developed this racket with more flexible materials and a light weight that reduce the fatigue of your arm and provide you with more strength and comfort. Vibrabsorb System VIBRABSORB SYSTEM Supplied by SMAC, the system allows for better absorption of vibrations thanks to a new elastomer material integrated in the graphite of the racket's core, which provides more comfort with each stroke, reducing the risk of injury. Black EVA BLACK EVE The more elastic foam gives you maximum power and comfort when hitting the ball. Holes Pattern System HOLES PATTERN SYSTEM The optimized distribution and size of holes specific to each racket shape optimizes power transmission and increases accuracy when returning hits. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Player Type: Technical Striker Head shape: Diamond Composition: FRAME: Carbon SURFACE: Fiberglass CORE: Black EVA Weight: 355g +/- 10g Thickness: 38 mm Balance Type: Heavy Head Recommended Grip: Syntec Pro Type of coverage: No coverage Note: This racket is sold without a cover**