Adipower CTRL 3.0 Padel Racket

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We are talking about a renewed and improved model, in which the good is not lost, it is valued, becoming, one more year, one of the most desired models in the world of padel. As if it were its predecessor, it maintains the oversize round format, medium-high balance and an excellent sweet spot, ideal for players who need maximum ball control and punctual precision, without neglecting strength in the net area. A balance that will be evident on the court and that will allow the player to adapt to all phases of the game very easily. In order for this model to continue to maintain its good reputation, the German brand chose to incorporate some of the best materials on the market, such as the latest generation carbon, both in the frame and in the planes, which improves the resistance as possible. structural impacts, besides promoting its hardness and power and its famous Eva high memory rubber, in its inner core, a material that is characterized by its great comfort and its great ball output, making this racket the best hybrid between power and control . In addition to major advances in material, the German brand also decided to improve new technologies to improve performance in front of games. The exoskeleton matches the embossed power ridge providing rigidity and stability. The Eva high memory rubber will provide maximum power and great ball output. And, of course, we can't ignore the rough touch, an effect applied to the planes that will give the player the option to perform all kinds of topspin effects. ADIDAS ADIPOWER CTRL 3.0 PROJECT 2021 One of the characteristics that his followers most appreciate is the importance he places on aesthetics in all of his products. In keeping with the excellent features, a fresh and innovative design predominates, which has changed from the previous model. It maintains the brand's branding in the center of both sides, as it was presented last year, but the difference lies in the colors used. Carbon black predominates throughout the background, which combines with orange at the bottom of the faces and frame, blue for informational features, model name on the frame and faces, and white for branding. on both sides. GAME TYPE: OVERSIZE SEX: MEN A TESTIMONY: HIGH MEMORY GAME LEVEL: ADVANCED FRAME, FRAME: CARBON FORM: OVERSIZE WAS: ADULTS WEIGHT: 360 -385 gr EXPENSIVE: CARBON SWUNG: HIGH / MEDIUM YEAR: 2021 Note: This racket is sold without a cover**