Metalbone Youth Padel Racket

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Metalbone Youth Padel Racket This Adidas Metalbone Youth 2021 is an oversized format attack padel racket that is characterized by its diamond shape with a high balance and an expanded sweet spot. For the design of the faces of this padel racket, the Adidas brand opted for Fiber which gives this paddle a more flexible and smooth feeling for a better return of the balls with great power at the exit of the ball. Likewise, the frame for this paddle is made of Fiber, a shock-resistant material that is combined with a pre-formed rubber core eva to increase the player's touch and sensitivity for better overall adaptability between player and racket. The design of this Adidas Metalbone Youth 2021 is presented in a tough and resistant way, so the use of a jaspered gray color is a perfect choice giving a metal look. For a more aggressive and attractive look, the color red is used in small details such as the edge of the adidas logo, the blade name and the sides of the blade frame. COMPOSITION Fiber: Soft material that brings a better touch and feel to the player without slipping on the controller. EVA Preforming Rubber: Rubber in the paddle core to allow the player a sense of superior control. Note: This racket is sold without a cover**