Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket CTRL

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Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket CTRL We're faced with a round-shaped gun, and therefore excellent control, which is accompanied by a low balance, very close to the hilt, at 265mm, and a wide, centered sweet spot, with which you'll have the best chance of fit the ball wherever you want. Designed and perfect for advanced level players, who like to prepare the point from behind, as it is a control visor that will help us correct off-center shocks while enjoying great comfort while hitting. As for its materials, Adidas presents us with a visor made with a resistant structure, thanks to its construction in carbon and aluminum fabric (CARBON ALUMINIZED) which grants it great durability and which, mixed with orthogonal structure technology, make this blade one of the most powerful models. To that, we add the Eva Soft Performance Rubber, in its inner core, soft touch. Its lower density allows the ball to be inserted deeper into the rubber and has excellent comfort and superior ball exit. This rubber provides extraordinary ball output at low speeds, allowing ball control to be unbeatable. On the Technologies side, it features some of the most cutting-edge ones like the Roughness Swivel Blade, which will give you the opportunity to give more effect to your cut and raised pitches; Weight and Balance System, which allows you to customize the weight and balance of your visor, making it more manageable; Octagonal Structure System, which gives greater rigidity to the blade structure; Wide sweet spot with smart hole curve pattern, which will help us control off-center hits. Finally, a visor that is visibly innovative and sporty. A base in gray and black tones predominates, as if they were fibers, which is combined with black for the brand, in large, in the center of both sides, frame and other details, electric blue for potential brand profile, model name at the bottom and other aesthetic details. Weight and Balance System: Technology that allows the player to customize the performance of their racket improving gameplay, power or control, depending on their abilities. Octagonal Structure System: Technology that aims to optimize the structure of the blade, improving the energy range that can be achieved with the energy produced. Intelligent Hole Curve: Hole distribution system on the blade face, in a curved and progressive shape, which provides a better development of mechanical forces at the moment of the blow, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.