Adidas Metalbone Padel Racket

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Every game is a world, so is your paddle racket. Discover Another Dimension In Padel With The New Metalbone, Ale Galan's Racket Padel. Customize the weight and balance of your paddle tennis racket according to the demands of the game you are facing. Make a difference in your attack shots and be responsible for closing the points. RESOURCES: Power: The octagonal structure technology, its aluminized carbon composition and its shape provide maximum power. Comfort: geometry and soft Eva performance rubber enhance the feeling of comfort on ball impact Handling: The weight and balance system allows you to customize the weight and balance, giving the racket exceptional manageability. SPECIFICATIONS: Format: Diamond Oversize Weight: 345 360 Gr Customizable (+0 12 Gr) Scale: Heavy Head (285 Mm) Sweet Spot: Top Advanced level Frequency: Usual Length: 455 mm Surface: 485 cm2 Thought: 38 mm